At Assesmont Group Ltd we firmly believe that the key to successful business lies in understanding our clients` needs. That is why we subscribe to a partnership approach that enables us to consistently deliver innovative metalwork solutions, perfectly suited to our clients’ individual requirements. In depth consultation at the earliest stage of a construction project enables our expert team to deliver the cost effective and timely solution that you desire.

This “hands on” partnership approach allows us to meet all project challenges collectively, address programming issues at an early stage, and ensure optimum project delivery. We have been welcomed as contractors by prestigious organisations. Our dedicated operational team efficiently supervise and coordinate each project from contract to completion, to ensure that Assesmont Group Ltd deliver on time, every time.

Whether following the most basic sketch or even a verbal brief. From light gauge to structural assemblies, MIG, TIG, ARC, welding and brazing are all carried out by a team of experienced welders using the latest technologies.